The exclusive two-piece finally arrived in style. Starting this summer with a heatwave material drop, specifically made for sweaty circumstances. Exclusive inherent wicking is REAL on these two garments. Whilst still attaining that stylish confident look. Continuing the original MOUTRIX message behind the design from the earlier ‘story program’. 

OUT OF BOX DREAMING is something more however so simple. MOUTRIX leaves that for the people to define. There are no wrong answers, what you define is your design. For me, the designing process did spring from one thing… dreams.


While the product holds much value from the design perspective, it does benefit you in amazing ways. For instance, when you are living in the UK you get humid heatwave, sun blazing and overall high temps (only in the summer) with ‘THEIIPIECE’ it intends to reproduce that warm breeze through the inherent wicking to circulate your body to let the moisture out, keeping you cool and dry for the majority of the time. The cherry on top is the bright white colors which don’t absorb as much light.

Keeping you cool and dry whilst looking the part this summer